Each year, Aimco team members participate in the MS 150 Bicycle Race, a 150-mile bike race around Northern Colorado. Team Aimco, comprised of more than 20 riders, raised more than $32,000 in 2015 for the fight against multiple sclerosis under the leadership of team captain Patti Fielding.

"Every year’s ride really stands out and is memorable to me for different reasons. Not only did we have the largest number of riders, but we had the greatest support throughout the company. As most of the riders can only relate to, the last 15 miles of the ride, push you not only physically but mentally. What moved me most was the feeling of togetherness within our team. I received countless e-mails and phone calls after the ride, telling me stories of what it was like to be with teammates that they don’t work with directly, but became their cheerleaders in time of need (either changing a flat or words of encouragement to get up the hill).”

– Patti Fielding, Executive Vice President and Team Captain

To support Team Aimco and all the riders in the MS 150, Aimco Cares accepted the challenge of organizing and running a rest stop along the course. Volunteers whipped up peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and supplied cold drinks, giving the riders a welcome break!