Values & Culture

Our Values are Our Soul

There are five core values that are the foundation of Aimco and permeate every aspect of our company.

How these values come to life is what makes our culture...

unique enthusiastic inspiring fun

They are also what make us successful.

Aimco Core Value #1
Do the right thing always.
Aimco Core Value #2
Appreciate others and treat them as you would want to be treated.
Aimco Core Value #3
Work together. Seek and value the perspectives of others.
Aimco Core Value #4
Provide exceptional service to our customers and communities.
Customer Focus
Aimco Core Value #5
Demonstrate pride and passion for our work. Deliver consistent and measurable results. Reward success.
Our Culture is Our Heart.

We Live With Gusto.

We are driven, energetic and enthusiastic. We believe in the mission
of Aimco and in our role in bringing it to life. We are passionate, not passive.
We take calculated risks; we celebrate success and learn from our failures.
We are motivated self-starters who relish the opportunity to take an active role
in planning our futures. We look at career growth as a jungle gym as well as
a ladder. We constantly ask, “Why?” We like to be challenged. We expect to
be stretched. We strive to lead balanced, active, and healthy lifestyles.
We love what we do—inside and outside of work. We are exuberant about our
own success and the success of others. We are competitive. We like to win.

We Own It.

Each of us owns our actions. Boldly. Firmly. Proudly. Whether we are sharing
a rent increase or taking responsibility for a mistake, we use the word “I” to take full
responsibility for both the cause and effect of our actions. We do the right thing,
even if difficult or unpopular. We believe decisions are best made by those closest to
the situation and with the most appropriate expertise. So our team members act with
autonomy, making impactful decisions in their defined areas of responsibility.
And when we make decisions collaboratively, we embrace them
and adopt them as our own.

We Value Relationships.

Throughout our company, we believe in the power of collaboration and
recognize it requires open and honest communication. We listen more than
we talk and are genuinely interested in another person’s viewpoint. We provide and
welcome constructive feedback and put it to good use. We are compassionate
and loyal. We trust and respect others. We share information, and we don’t work
in silos. We value each other as team members and are not constrained by hierarchy
or titles. Most importantly, we know our dedication to positive relationships inside
and outside of our organization results in improved outcomes.

We Create Moments That Matter.

We create and celebrate meaningful, unexpected moments that matter greatly
to our team members, residents and community. We go above and beyond
in every personal interaction, every day. We seek opportunities to make a difference,
no matter how small the detail. We believe in making each person’s experience better
by our words and actions. We are friendly. We serve our residents and each other
with honesty and integrity. We delight in exceeding expectations.

We Drive Innovation and Change.

We value optimism, determination, creativity and perseverance. We know
that the most important way for our entire organization to excel is for every individual
to constantly ask, “What can I do better?” We are a dynamic organization that
moves at a fast pace. We are innovative, strategic and prepared. We make fact-based
decisions but avoid overanalyzing. We are flexible and nimble. We tackle daily,
unpredictable events. We think outside the box. We say “yes” to finding an answer
to any problem and solving it in a way that benefits our residents, team members
and our shareholders. We believe in where we are going,
and we embrace the journey.

And that's what working at Aimco is all about.